Do you ever compulsively consume information about productivity hacks, tricks, and systems (collectively, productivity porn, as we call it in the biz)—and then struggle to implement all of it long-term?

This one’s for you.

I’ve studied a lot of time management tools and systems, and they’re all brilliant. And yet, I always felt like something was missing until I learned about Monday Hour One.

But it would be a lie to make it seem like it was an immediate love affair. I could intellectually grasp the value of Monday Hour One, but that didn’t stop me from complaining to my coach about it. I was convinced that I “should” learn how to do Monday Hour One, but it sounded awful and constraining and rigid, so I resisted it for a long time.

But once I was hooked, I was hooked.

Now, every single time I coach a client on their Monday Hour One practice, I feel so damn appreciative to The Life Coach School, the creators of this system.

It addresses so much of what I was missing in the past:

✅ It helps you understand why you’re doing the things you’re doing, instead of just telling you not to do them and letting you suffer through white-knuckling

✅ It addresses your feelings, and how you’re unconsciously reacting to them all the time if you’re not aware

✅ It asks you to be fully responsible, instead of offloading responsibility to other people, deadlines, software, or apps

✅ It has a built-in self-evaluation mechanism, so perfectly following the system isn’t required or expected—but learning is

✅ Similarly, there’s a “bounce-back” process, so that you can come back to the system any time you fall off—no harm, no foul

✅ It’s built to fit with your life circumstances—it doesn’t ignore that your life has things you need to consider, like kids, a chronic illness, a spouse, a sick parent, or balancing a job with a side gig

✅ It not only takes into account your unique life circumstances, it helps you accurately forecast what your week will look like, anticipate what “unexpected” things might pop up, and plan for what you’ll do in the event that you need a contingency plan

✅ It’s actionable, meaning you know exactly what steps to take and when (5 simple steps, every Monday morning)

And best of all, Monday Hour One layers on top of all of the knowledge that you’ve already gleaned in the past about productivity. That means that none of that was a waste. (Isn’t that a relief?)

This is just the cherry on top, to bring it on home.

I’ve helped hundreds of people with their Monday Hour One practices, and it would be an honor to help you with yours.

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