Q&A: How to manage perfectionism, prioritize, overcome analysis paralysis, + more

Perfectionism. Prioritization. Analysis paralysis. Distraction. These are all challenges that my community mentions on a regular basis that keep them from living their personal and professional lives like they would like to.   

In this episode, I’m breaking down how you can tackle each of these challenges. Oh, and I go on a littttttle rant, too 🙂 

Here’s what we cover: 

  • How to handle perfectionism
  • What to do if you’re a chronic starter — but not a finisher  
  • What to do when people are overly dependent on you 
  • How to distinguish urgent vs important tasks in order to prioritize more effectively
  • How to create a daily workable system
  • How to handle analysis paralysis and get into action using the “DDDD principle” 
  • The value of tracking your time 

Resources mentioned: