Pique Podcast Career values, pivoting, + limitations with Liz Cohen

In this episode, Liz Cohen, my former career coach, and I chat about crafting a career with intention. 

We discuss the importance of concretely defining your values, the benefit of pivoting, and what to do with our limitations.

We chat about why Liz gave up public speaking, how to increase the chances of your dream coming true from 65% to 95% (seriously), and the beauty of formalizing “safety nets” in our lives.

We have a two-part call to action for you within the episode, so be sure to listen closely for that.

To get in touch with Liz, visit Next Step Careers (especially the resources page).


  • “What are you trying to optimize for?”
  • “Give yourself a chance to reality test whether what you’re saying is an assumption or a truth.” 
  • “It’s a lot harder to say ‘I’m going to do some work to investigate what’s really possible here’ than just to say ‘It’s not possible.’”
  • “You’ve gotta work on your relationship with rejection…before you start chasing after things.” 
  • “What’s a good enough articulation of my dream today?”

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