If you’ve been on the fence about joining (or re-joining) Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, May is the perfect time to jump in.

When you enroll for the May round, you’ll receive the Golden Ticket Bonus:* A free ticket to the Half-Finished to Done Two-Day Intensive on Friday, July 23rd and Saturday, July 24th ($999 value).

The two-day intensive has two parts:

Day 1

We’ll go deeper on everything we covered in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE: Living as your Future Self, 5 tools for more effective decision making, processing and generating feelings, how to up-level your Monday Hour One practice, and more.

Day 2

This is your chance to take everything you’ve learned in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE and apply it to your business again.

What took you 8 weeks to do the first time around, you’ll do again in just one day. Get ready.

This two-day intensive is your chance to prove to yourself—through efficient project planning and execution—that you’re a project finisher for life.  

And it all starts with one decision: To book a free 30-minute consult to discuss joining the May round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE

Just click here to learn more and book your consult.

P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from joining Half-Finished to Done, LIVE in May and would love the Golden Ticket Bonus, I invite you to connect me with them directly. Thanks in advance!   

*Limit 25