If you’re considering re-enrolling in another round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, amazing!

It would be my honor to work with you again.

Re-enrolling is for everyone, whether you successfully finished your project in your first round or not.

Here are a few common concerns and questions that I hear from grads like you who are considering re-joining:

I think I need to try it on my own for awhile. 

While you know that I’m all about building self-accountability, I encourage you to really question the value of doing it on your own.

What will that offer you that re-enrolling won’t?

Try this thought on: You can both be self-accountable and get high-level coaching that stretches your thinking beyond your current capacity.

It’s like having a personal trainer. You can work out on your own, but having a trainer to push you beyond what you think is possible in terms of weight and reps is hugely beneficial.

Also, be aware of the temptation to go out on your own before you’ve had at least one successfully completed project process where you’ve totally nailed all of it (planning, scheduling/timeline, executing, evaluating).

Don’t pump the brakes just when you’re getting momentum. 

I was super successful in the first round and don’t know if I need another round.

First of all, congrats!

I recommend continuing to re-enroll until you’re 100% certain about how you created your finished project; you know for sure that it wasn’t a fluke; and you trust your ability to repeat and amplify your successes for every future personal and business project. 

And: You might not need another round, but what if you just want it?

It’s so fun to invest in coaching from pure desire, not urgency or desperation.

Another round is the perfect opportunity to practice your new skills, cement them in your life, and stretch your project capacity.

By stretch your project capacity, I mean create more value for your clients, increase your efficiency, automate more, strip down to just the essentials, schedule even more fun and downtime, and learn to bask in all of the success that you’re creating.

I wasn’t successful in the first round and I’m scared to go back through it again. 

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that in 1-2 years, you would be a project finisher?

How many times would you be willing to work the same process?

That’s the definition of massive action: Showing up and putting in work until you get your desired result.

It’s so tempting to quit this process and try to find another one, but I strongly recommend that you use this as an opportunity to you prove to yourself that you can make any process work. (Because that’s how powerfully you understand your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results and understand how to change them to create what you want.)

I’m nervous about the investment.

Let’s talk about “brain investments,” putting time, money, and energy into something that increases your ability to manage your mind, and strengthens and expands the value of your brain.

Brain investments are the most valuable investments that you can make in your business and life, because your brain is ultimately what produces more money for you.

Making brain investments that help you—instead of spin you out—requires you to hone the ability to guarantee yourself an ROI.

As a business owner, if you don’t trust in your ability to invest 1k and get a return on that investment, that’s a skill worth working on.

Because if you want to join a program like Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, but feel like you can’t, there is a mismatch between your desired result and your belief in your ability to obtain that desired result.

This lack of belief will show up in how you produce—or don’t produce—the results that you want in your life, like finished projects, a thriving client base, and more. 

So, let’s bridge that gap together, and help you lock in the skill of guaranteeing yourself an ROI on your brain investments. 

Start here: If I were going to guarantee myself that I make my $1k investment back, how would I do it? Bring your answer to your consult.

I’m wondering what’s new in the program since I went through it.

Before I tell you, I want you to consider this: What if there was nothing new; the only new thing was how you showed up to the program?

How would you do it differently this time, knowing what you know now?

Really let that idea sink in. Andddd….here are some of the latest additions:

  • A workbook with a self-service troubleshooting process; this lets you work troubleshoot on your own so we can coach more efficiently and deeply.
  • The Ask a Coach Booklet, with 50+ real client questions and challenges, and my coaching responses (you can browse this to find things you wouldn’t have thought to ask or do a first round of problem solving on common issues).
  • A checklist with the 7 criteria of excellent project plans; you can check your plan against these criteria to ensure project completion and improve your process.
  • A process when you miss a call or assignment, so that you can understand what happened and why. (The reasons people miss calls or assignments are the same reasons they don’t finish their projects.)
  • The 5 reasons that people disengage from the program, and the warning signs that this is about to happen.
  • A project self-evaluation process for reviewing your successes and setting yourself up for success with your next project.

It’s a lot, but my job is to direct you to exactly what you need in any given moment.

I’m not sure how I feel about going through the program with new people.

When we combine veterans like you with newbies who are experiencing the process for the first time, it benefits everyone.

New people bring beginner’s mind; you bring knowledge of the process and data from your last round. 

Come see.

Ready to re-enroll?