Procrastination can take some “obvious” forms—like scrolling on social media or watching Netflix instead of working—but it can also be more subtle and sneaky. ⁣

The latter was my way of procrastinating in the past. I didn’t call it procrastination, but it was. ⁣

My procrastination looked like: ⁣

💡Looking high and low for someone to give me an answer or validate my decision, instead of relying on myself.⁣
💡Starting a ton of different things, and then splitting my attention in every direction to try to juggle all of them at once.⁣
💡Waiting for the “right time” or the “right mood” to get things done.⁣
💡Indulging in overwhelm, instead of picking a task and taking action on it.⁣
💡Using the fact that I identified as an “idea person” against myself. (So.many.ideas.)⁣
💡Overcommitting to things and then quitting them.⁣

I’m what I call an Impact Seeker. I had ideas for days, fiery passion, and big visions; I just didn’t manage my mind, my schedule, or my moods. I still have a billion ideas, ton of passion, and a big vision for my business and life, but I’ve learned to manage it. ⁣

Your procrastination might look like mine used to. But it might be more like the two other procrastination archetypes, which I see in my clients: ⁣

The Potential Seeker, who is driven to reach their full potential, but fears that they won’t. This shows up as perfectionism and second-guessing. ⁣

The Enjoyment Seeker, who is driven to enjoy life to the fullest, but fears that they won’t. This shows up as seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. ⁣

Which of the three procrastination archetypes do you think that you are? 

(And if you’re wondering if you can be a combo of all three types. the answer is: Definitely.)

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