How to finish any project, in 6 steps

If you’re a business owner who has tons of half-finished projects that you’re looking to finish in a repeatable way, this is the episode for you. 

Listen in as I share with you  simple steps for finishing any project in your business, on demand.

These 6 steps can be applied to any personal, business, solo, or team project. 

What’s inside the episode:

  • The 6 steps for finishing any project
  • Why the sequence of these steps is important
  • The benefits of each step
  • The most common hesitation that I hear about each step, and how to address them for yourself

The 6 steps:

    1. Take inventory of your half-finished projects
    2. Choose one to work on; table the rest
    3. Make a foolproof project plan
    4. Schedule your project plan on your calendar
    5. Execute on your project plan, adjusting as needed as you go
    6. Evaluate as you go, and at the end