Half-Finished to Done Client Story: Karen Gonzalez-Rice

In this episode, you will go on a journey with my former client, Karen Gonzalez-Rice, as she shares her experience with the Half-Finished to Done, LIVE program. 

She talks in-depth about how the program has helped her move past distractions to get more done in her work as an Associate Professor, faculty member, writer, life coach, and mother— all while having more fun and learning to trust herself in the process. 

So grab a notebook, a pen, your favorite beverage, get comfy, and press play. 

Listen in as Karen shares:

  • Her experience with the Bare Minimum Challenge
  • The top productivity strategies she learned during our time together, and how she customized them to suit her needs
  • How she incorporated the philosophies of deep work automatically into her way of thinking
  • How she used mindmaps and voice transcription to maximize her writing proficiency
  • A key step in her master project plan that has proven to be really valuable
  • How developing self-trust helped her to release perfectionism and practice “anti-perfectionist measures”
  • Why she describes Half-Finished to Done, LIVE as “countercultural”

Guest contact:

Karen Gonzalez-Rice is a Co-Active Coach, Associate Professor, and Art Historian who offers Whole Person Coaching for Academics, Creatives, and People Seeking Satisfaction, Rest, & Ease.

Find her on Instagram.