When I introduce people to the Monday Hour One time blocking system, I make a lofty promise:

Let’s triple both the number of projects you finish, and triple the amount of true downtime that you have.

You might be thinking: But where on earth would all that extra time come from? Mathematically, it’s impossible.

Stick with me, kid. Because when you create a bigger vision for yourself than you’re used to, something cool happens: You’ll naturally start skipping over low-value activities and get into action on higher-value activities.

This means less unfulfilling, soul-sucking procrastination.

Less internal conflict and arguing with yourself.

Less second guessing yourself.

Less fiddling with your schedule.

Less time tweaking and refining things to find elusive “perfection.”

Less time spent shame spiraling.

Less time feeling confusion, self-pity, and self-doubt.

Instead, you’ll seek out high-value activities, like:

More creative thinking and brainstorming.

More experimenting and gathering data.

More focused work blocks.

More intentional, deliberate decisions.

More re-affirming decisions that you’ve already made.

More self-evaluating from a place of curiosity and openness.

More rejuvenating rest.

More play.

You’ll divest from low-value activities and re-invest into high-value activities.

And all of those high-value activities? Using Monday Hour One, you’ll put them on your calendar, and train yourself to follow through.

Because you and your dreams are worth it.

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