My friend, I’ll say it clear

I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain

…I did it my way

You may recognize these lyrics from My Way by Frank Sinatra.

If you’re in the process of learning Monday Hour One—the time management system that I teach my clients—this is my wish for you: To feel like you’re doing Monday Hour One your way.

So, if you’ve ever felt influenced or swayed by other people’s opinions of your schedule, here are some important reminders for you:

💡It’s okay to work in “sprints and rests” (me!) or do things consistently every single day

💡 It’s okay to batch-create all of your content for the year over the course of a few days or produce one piece per day

💡 It’s okay to be a morning person, a night owl, or a random combo of both

💡 It’s okay to knock out tasks rapid-fire or be a slow, methodical worker

💡 It’s okay to work on the weekends sometimes or implement a “no weekend work” policy

💡 It’s okay to knock out work while you’re hanging out with your kids or be fully focused on family when you’re with them

💡 It’s okay to wear the same one-piece loungewear daily or dress up

💡 It’s okay to have a million ideas circulating in your head at once or savor the one big idea you’ve got in your mind

💡 It’s okay to commit to doing all 5 steps of Monday Hour One religiously every week or take the pieces that work for you and leave the rest

Notice how you think about your desires, preferences, and personality traits, and ask yourself this: Does my current way of thinking about them move me closer to or further away from what I want to create in my life?

Here’s how I talk to myself: I’m a person who loves to sprint hard and then lounge around for days on end. I love the solitude of early mornings, except when I want to sleep in until 10am. I love structure, and I want time to tinker and putter pointlessly. I wear the same gray loungewear romper—except when I’m wearing heels at home. I’m impressed by how quickly and effectively I knock out work when I feel energized, and I’m willing to work when I’m low-energy, too. (Except when I’m not, and then I work to own my decision.) I know that I gravitate toward high-energy emotions like enthusiasm, inspired, and motivated, but I also want to focus on cultivating low-energy emotions like acceptance and trust. No matter what, I work to believe that I’m healthy in my mind, body, and spirit—even when I’m not.

The Pique Coaching community is the space to uncover your unique preferences and desires, in a safe place.

You’ll find the truth of what you want, give yourself permission to own it in a way that works for you, and get to work making it a reality.

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