How often do you find yourself doing one thing while telling yourself that you should be doing something different?

Checking your email while telling yourself that you should be working on that important project.

Watching Netflix while shaming yourself for everything you didn’t get done during your workday.

Hitting snooze multiple times while telling yourself you need to get up.

Helping someone out while telling yourself that you should be focused on your own work.

Telling yourself you should be present with your kids—while you scroll social media.

Put simply, this is disagreeing with yourself, and this kind of unresolved self-conflict is the most common reason for procrastination—and the least talked about.

(Until now.)

Because when you feel internal conflict and you don’t know how to resolve it, the easiest thing to do is avoid it—by procrastinating.

And when you procrastinate, you experience even more self-conflict, and the vicious cycle continues.

November’s free Anti-Procrastination Challenge is the perfect place to start noticing and resolving your internal conflict.

During our two weeks together, we’ll measure one thing, and one thing only: The percent of time you spend disagreeing with yourself.

When you measure and manage just this one metric, magic starts to happen throughout your day.

You’re honest about your wake up time. (No more snoozing, unless you really want to.)

You intentionally table the projects you’re not working on anyway, and make a plan for the ones you’re going to finish.

You enjoy your Netflix time, instead of guilting yourself about everything you didn’t get done earlier.

You actually celebrate your accomplishments, instead of dismissing them and immediately moving to the next thing.

You’re fully present with your family, instead of mentally running through your to-do list.

This is when your brain relaxes; your creativity increases; your most strategic thinking emerges; and your best, most joyful work flourishes.

P.S. If you’d like help reconciling your internal conflict, the best place to be is Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, the meeting place for soon-to-be former procrastinators.