End of season one and call for podcast guests

(The original title of this episode was “Wrapping up season one and preparing for season two” but that felt boring 😂 )

And with that, season one of The Pique Podcast is a wrap! Thank you so much to everyone for listening and giving feedback along the way. It was an adventure (*cough* massive undertaking *cough*), to say the least.

As we wrap up the first season, I’d love to get to know you. Shoot me an email (hello @ piquecoaching.co) and let me know: What are you looking to accomplish in the next six months and what’s standing in your way? 

It’s a win/win — you give me insight into what’s going on in your life, and in return, I can create more targeted, relevant content for you in season two.

Additionally, I’d love your help in preparing for season two. I’m looking to cover an insane number of fascinating topics — if you know anyone (IRL or just know of online) who might be willing to join me on one of the topics below, would you include that in your email response to me?

  • Applying economic principles in everyday life (sunk cost, opportunity cost, etc)⁣
  • Reducing waste (zero waste)⁣
  • Books that have changed your life and outlook
  • Intimacy in relationships (romantic and otherwise)⁣
  • The subconscious (dreams, manifesting, brain waves, etc)
  • Decision making ⁣
  • Death and dying⁣
  • Grief ⁣
  • Cultivating creativity in everyday life⁣
  • Mindfulness practices ⁣
  • Intentionally building community ⁣
  • Letters to your mother — what do you want to say to your mom? (I’ll read these anonymously on the podcast) ⁣
  • Letters of apology — you can’t or don’t want to apologize to someone but have something to say⁣
  • Crazy manifestation, synchronicity, and dream stories ⁣
  • Stories of past life regressions ⁣
  • Interfaith and intercultural relationships ⁣
  • Stories of uprooting — physically or metaphorically
  • Alternative medicine — Ayurvedic, heart rate variability training, etc ⁣
  • Success stories from working with a coach ⁣
  • Sobriety stories ⁣
  • Non-traditional relationship set ups (polyamory, etc) ⁣
  • Plant medicine and other alternative therapies, like microdosing ⁣ 
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual identity and coming out late in life
  • Balancing a peaceful inner voice with outward tension in a chaotic world

Alternatively, you can call (202) 455-5341‬ and leave a VM, which I may play on the podcast! ⁣Can’t wait to hear from you.