When we work together, I want you to know what to expect.

Or—for the sake of this post—what not to expect. They may surprise you, if you’re new to my kind of procrastination coaching.

I am not here to help you become more disciplined. (Which, by the way, literally means “to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.”)

Because I’ll do you one better—I’ll show you the power of dedication, how it feels so much better than discipline, and how it’s actually more effective long-term.

I am not here to help you figure out how to bribe or shame yourself into action, in order to do shit you don’t want to do, at times you don’t want to do it, in ways you don’t want to do it.

Because I’ll do you one better—I’ll show you how to double down on what you want to do, make space for the things you’re willing to do, and navigate the discomfort of dropping the rest.

I am not here to debate the merits of different project management softwares or calendar systems with you.

Because I’ll do you one better—I will help you understand what’s happening in your mind, so you can make any software or tool work for you.

I am not here to give you external accountability.

Because I’ll do you one better—I will teach you why you’re currently relying on external accountability, and how to create self-accountability instead. (And then sprinkle in camaraderie, just for fun.)

I’ve seen too many self-proclaimed procrastinating business owners suffer for too long trying to implement strategies that waste time or make them feel worse. No more.

Overcoming a procrastination habit isn’t a cake walk, but it doesn’t have to suck, either.

It’s time to bring more joy, dedication, clean motivation, and self-assurance into your anti-procrastination journey.

I can help you when you join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, the meeting place for soon-to-be former procrastinators.