A client recently told me that she had been avoiding her work blocks for her Half-Finished to Done, LIVE project—creating a musical album—because she was afraid of all of the feelings that might come up for her.

“You know,” I told her, “It’s kind of like you’re a storm chaser who’s afraid to get wet. You want to create heartfelt, real, raw music, but you don’t want to feel hard things.”

I encouraged her to play with her own metaphor if that one didn’t resonate with her, but she assured me that that one totally hit home for her.

Here’s what I realized after that call: We are all storm chasers.

Everybody who enrolls in my coaching programs is actively inviting challenge and discomfort into their lives, and so am I.

Breaking life-long habits is storm-chasing. Learning to manage procrastination. Creating something new is storm-chasing. Finishing projects is storm-chasing.

And when you chase storms, you’re gonna get rained on.

It’s like I said to my group coaching students recently: “Every single one of you has an easier route available to you than the one you’re choosing.”

But we’re not here for easy, we’re here for the hard, the pain, the growth.

So: Are you ready to head into the eye of the storm in pursuit of the next version of you?

Sending you storm-chasing thoughts,


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