I know that joining a coaching program—especially one that’s focused on procrastination—can feel scary, risky, or uncertain. 

This is why, when you enroll in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, you automatically get the Project Finisher Guarantee. 

While I want to help you make your investment in the program from the most grounded, strategic part of your brain, there is still part of your brain that will inevitably focus on the risk involved.

And because I can help mitigate the downside for you and help your brain relax, I will. 

If you follow the guidelines that I set out and don’t finish your project during our 8 weeks together, you can enroll in the next round for free.

This guarantee is nothing but upside for both of us. 

You are incentivized to show up and work the process even when it’s uncomfortable; I am incentivized to teach you how to show up, create a fail-proof process, and help you clear up anything in the way of success with that process.

It also increases the level of connection, collaboration, and honesty between us. We are both on the same team: Team Get You a Finished Project. (Though we might want to come up with a better team name together, LOL.) 

And here’s why it’s not a money-back guarantee: Worst case scenario, it keeps you “in the arena,” meaning that you won’t take your money and opt out; you’ll troubleshoot and come back stronger on your next project. 

I can only make this guarantee because I am totally confident in my coaching and the process I have created, which has been test-driven by so many people before you.

Here are the conditions:

  • Attend the one-day kickoff event, or submit a recap of the parts you missed
  • You must submit all homework assignments on time (unless you notify me at least 48 hours in advance with your updated deadline) 
  • Re-submit any homework assignments that I mark as incomplete before the next homework assignment (this is rare, and I am always fair)
  • Confirm that you read my homework feedback each week
  • Make the appropriate adjustments to your schedule in order to hit or make up 100% of your project work blocks, or adjust the scope of your project to reduce the number of work blocks needed
  • Use the troubleshooting process before every call in Weeks 4-8
  • Miss no more than 2 calls during the 8 weeks OR submit one-paragraph written recap of any missed coaching call 
  • Share two wins per week in the wins channel 
  • Document and follow up in writing on Slack on any individualized coaching that I give you 

If I get an indicator that any part of your answers were untruthful or intentionally withholding, I will address this with you directly. I don’t anticipate this happening; it’s only here to protect myself legally 🙂 

Ready? Click here to learn more about Half-Finished to Done, LIVE and book your free 45-minute consult. We can talk through any hesitations that you have about the program in general or the Project Finisher Guarantee specifically.

See you on the consult and cheers to Team Project Finisher!