If you’d like to turbo-charge your productivity during the Anti-Procrastination Challenge, I encourage you to grab the Productivity Upgrade:

👉 A one-hour private Productivity Power Zone call with me ($250 value)

You and I will meet 1:1 on Zoom for 60 minutes to work through your specific procrastination challenges. This includes:

✅ A Productivity Power Zone assessment (evaluating your relationship to time, focus, prioritization, and commitment)

✅ Customized recommendations for spending more time in your unique Productivity Power Zone

✅ Hands-on feedback on your Anti-Procrastination Cycle plan (which you’ll create during the challenge), to ensure that it gets into your Productivity Power Zone as often as possible

👉 The “From Procrastination to Productivity” Workshop ($100 value)

This live, interactive 60-minute workshop on Wednesday, August 17 at 2pm ET is just for those who have upgraded. Note: This isn’t a recorded workshop; it’s a chance to get my help, live.

After you’ve had several days to implement the Anti-Procrastination Cycle on your own, we’ll reconvene to talk through what’s still hard or confusing for you when it comes to why and when you procrastinate.

👉 Access to The Productivity Power Zone Course ($99 value)

Continue the work on your own after the challenge by going through the hands-on, self-paced Productivity Power Zone course.

The Productivity Upgrade is available until 6pm ET on Thursday, August 11, or until all spots are snagged. All 1:1 calls take place this week, August 8-12. 

Just click here to grab the upgrade package for $250.

Can’t wait to work with you!