In a recent blog post, I shared with you my story about being a reformed half-finished project person, and gave you 4 tips that you can implement immediately if your unfinished personal and professional projects are draining your mental energy.
I’ve also been talking a lot about procrastination ’round these parts.
You can think of it like this: Not all procrastinators are half-finishers, but all half-finishers are procrastinators. In this post, I’m speaking to the latter group: Half-finishers who procrastinate.

One of the questions that I ask my clients is “How do you think you will feel when you complete these projects?”

Let me pause here. Think of a project or two that you haven’t finished in your life yet. What do you think you’ll feel when they’re done?

I heard the same set of feelings so often from my clients that I dubbed them The Fulfilling Five.*

  1. Accomplished
  2. Proud
  3. Satisfied
  4. Successful
  5. Confident

These are the five most-cited feelings that people want to feel upon completing a big, daunting project that’s been looming over them — did you name one of them, by chance?

Now, let this break your brain with why this is important: Everything that you want in life is because of how you think it will make you feel.

I’ll leave you with these questions for you to explore on your own:

  1. What would change in your life if you learned how to create The Fulfilling Five feelings now, instead of only allowing yourself to feel those feelings when your projects are done?
  2. What if this is the game-changing shift you’ve been looking for, that will beat out willpower every single time?

*Hat tip to AmyLee Westervelt for the help solidifying this name and concept.