One of the single most important skill sets that you develop in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is to ask yourself empowering questions, and then give yourself empowering answers.⁣

Here’s a jumpstart; some of the empowering questions that I recently asked of my clients who are enrolled in the next round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE:⁣

💡What are your top strengths?⁣
💡What are your core values right now?⁣
💡What is a one-sentence mission statement for your life right now?⁣
💡What do you want the title of your memoir to be in 2021? ⁣
💡What feelings would you love to feel on a more regular basis? ⁣
💡What is one thing that motivates you? ⁣
💡If Future You of February could tell you one thing, what would it be?⁣

Remember: Always use these tools for yourself, not against yourself. The best answers are often on the other side of “I don’t know,” so if you feel stumped, gently hold yourself to coming up with an answer.⁣

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