A bit of vulnerability:

Today, I’m starting by getting a little vulnerable. It feels odd to admit it, but I am really calm right now, despite of (or because of?) coronavirus. I feel grounded, energized, and committed. That’s my reality right now, and I like it. I share this with absolutely no agenda for you to feel the same way.

If you’ve been around here awhile, you’re familiar with the concept that thoughts create feelings. No thoughts are good or bad; they just create feelings. Some of these are feelings that we want to feel; others are feelings that we’d rather not feel (but still need to understand and process through).

So, if you’re feeling anxious, sad, scared, angry, or lonely, let yourself feel all of those things. It doesn’t mean you have to react to them; just sit with them and see what thought is creating them for you. It might be thoughts like, “This is a scary time,” “I’m nervous for my loved ones,” or “I can’t be at home like this any longer.”

I’m thinking some thoughts like that, and I’m also thinking thoughts like “I have resources that people need,” “This is an amazing time to know how to manage my mind,” and “It’s go time.” Those thoughts are also okay.

What I’m really saying is this: If you feel like you need permission to feel how you’re feeling, whatever that is — permission granted 🙂

Social media recaps:

Humility and non-judgment?

I posted this on my personal Facebook account and wanted to re-share it here.

It occurred to me that my most powerful, productive coronavirus conversations over the last few days have been filled with humility and non-judgment.We’re all doing our best to digest a lot of information, some of which is contradictory. Because of that and because of our views, all of us end up taking different degrees of precautions during this time.I know very few people who respond well to shaming. So: I’m so curious what would happen if we all had fewer conversations fueled by hate, frustration, and judgment, and more conversations fueled by connection, humility, curiosity, and non-judgment.Like genuinely asking each other what’s working and what’s not during this time. Sharing the recommendations that we’ve heard and the resources we’ve come across. And being kind to people, even when we don’t feel like they’re doing the “right” thing.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay connected!