Managing Procrastination Within a Romantic Partnership with Dr. Chavonne Perotte

Procrastination can affect all areas of our lives, including our relationship with the people around us.

When it comes to romantic relationships, the effects of procrastination can show up everywhere in the relationship—from overwhelm due to being overcapacity to over-relying on your partner to meet your needs to taking their procrastination personally.

So how do you deal if you or a partner is a procrastinator? That is exactly what you will uncover in this episode.

Our guest today is Dr. Chavonne Perotte. She is a life and marriage coach who helps couples develop the mindset and skills to create happy marriages. She is the author of Voices in Your Ear: New Conversations to Transform Your Mind and Renew Your Marriage and is the Founder of RelateAble, LLC, a coaching practice that provides virtual coaching to couples. 

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How procrastination shows up in relationships
  • Having clear, concrete conversations about your expectations from your partner
  • Removing the guilt that comes with a “honey-do” list
  • Tactical strategies for when your spouse does not respond to you as expected
  • How your partnership can fuel your business and vice versa
  • Why we get stuck and stop seeing options to resolve our challenges
  • Why you should increase your capacity to feel negative emotions, like guilt and disappointment
  • What to do when your conversations with your partner are stale

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