How to change my limiting beliefs through self coaching

Recently, I asked my email subscribers what they’d like me to write about. I received multiple requests for related topics: “How can I change my limiting beliefs once I’ve identified them?” “How do I form an identity and reinforce it through habit?” “How do I stop believing something I don’t want to believe?”

So I put on my thinking hat (just kidding — I never take it off) and got to work. Boy, did I get to work. Apparently, I had a lot to say on this topic. 2,600 words later, here’s some of the feedback I got:

“…I started your [limiting beliefs] thing and am loving it — it’s so much more comprehensive than I expected.”

(To which I replied: “It’s bigger and better than I thought it would be too, hahaha.” Modesty for the win?)

In all seriousness, this is the most comprehensive how-to guide I’ve ever written and I’m so excited for you to dive in. It’s chockfull of practical strategies, coaching techniques that I use with my clients every day, exercises to work through, case studies, and a list of potential pitfalls to stay alert to.

Head here for the written version of this podcast episode.