Thank you so much for attending the Pique Coaching Brainstorm-a-Thon with the Lean In DC Leadership Skills Circle. Loved getting to connect with all of you. 

As promised, here are several follow up resources that you can take into your everyday life:

Here’s the last piece of the brainstorming exercise, which I highly recommend doing on your own:

    1. Pick the goal that you most want to achieve in one of the eight areas (self confidence, career, finances, productivity and time management, community and relationships, health and wellness, creativity, and physical environment)
    2. Using the 5 strategies for overcoming “I don’t know,” generate 10 new ideas for how you could achieve your desired result. 
    3. Don’t stop until you hit 10 new ideas. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support! 

You can also download the presentation slides below:

Brainstorming, ideation, and coaching with Lean In DC and Pique Coaching