One of the biggest perks of running your own business is the ability to take tons of time off—for vacations and trips, for a mini-sabbatical, to handle a personal issue, or for a parental leave.

And yet—so few business owners take full advantage of this benefit, because we’re never taught how to effectively take long chunks of time away from our businesses without them suffering.

In this episode, I’m joined by business coach Kat Arapis to talk about how to set up your business to take time off, while still getting your work done in a way that you love and hitting your goals. 

Kat has first-hand experience with this, from planning her own recent maternity leave, so I knew she’d be the perfect person to chat with on the podcast.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why your goals don’t have to suffer because you take a sabbatical from your business 
  • How to cut out the external noise, so that you can plan a break that works for you
  • Powerful questions to ask yourself when planning your business breaks    
  • How to actually put your plan into action, then step away from your business
  • Selecting the best projects to prioritize while on your break
  • How to use automations during your business break

Kat Arapis is a Master Business Coach, who teaches entrepreneurs to simplify + master creating never-ending clients so they can scale $100k at a time in less than 20 hours/per week. Without the hustle, pressure, or busy work.


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EP. 08 The Anti-Procrastination Challenge 

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