There’s a misconception about coaching in general, and productivity coaching specifically: That we’re trying to take away your fun. ⁣ ⁣

That we’re trying to optimize every minute of your day so that you can be more #productive. 🤖 ⁣

As if that was the most important thing. ⁣ ⁣

Not here — quite the opposite. At Pique Coaching, we use increased productivity as a means to an end — to open up your time and energy, so that you can see and explore all of the possibility in your life. And that might include more fun!⁣ ⁣

On a recent client call, my client realized that she was buffering — using external things like Netflix, food, alcohol, and social media — to solve for the lack of fun she was feeling in her life. Over time, fun had gone out the window and responsibility had swept in. Can you relate?

⁣Relying on things like food, alcohol, and social media can feel fun in the moment, but often has a net-negative consequence. (Weight gain, hangovers, and lack of social connection, for starters.) ⁣ ⁣

If you’re noticing a lack of fun in your life — or if all of your fun is coming from sources that you don’t want in your life — here are 5 questions to ask yourself:⁣ ⁣

💡What do I think is fun that isn’t actually serving me? ⁣

💡What if I were the most fun person I could imagine being around? What would that look like?⁣

💡How can I make [insert any activity] more fun? (Ask this 20 times a day and then report back.) ⁣

💡Where am I ready to let go of certain responsibilities that I’ve taken on?⁣

💡What do I want to invite back into my life that’s fun for me?