On a recent client consult call, Ben* told me that part of the reason he procrastinates on creating his new online business is because the prospect of change is so damn uncomfortable.

After we chatted for a while, I asked him, “Wanna know the great news? You’re already freaking uncomfortable.”

This is what I call the Discomfort Catch-22.

Not going toward your dreams is uncomfortable, but the prospect of going toward your dreams also feels uncomfortable.

The Discomfort Catch-22 applies to anything in your life that you don’t yet have: A new dream job, a thriving online business, an intimate romantic relationship, a supportive community, a fun hobby.

Change is tough to stomach, but staying stagnant is, too.

Acknowledging the Discomfort Catch-22 is often a breakthrough moment for clients. Why? If you’re choosing between comfort and discomfort, a lot of us will default to comfort. But when you change your perspective and acknowledge that you’re actually choosing between discomfort and discomfort, many of us get our butts into gear.

So, here’s my invitation to you:

Choose. Choose unintentionally uncomfortable not pursuing your goals, or intentionally uncomfortable in the pursuit of them. There’s no right or wrong answer (genuinely), but one ends with a pretty cool, fun result of goal achievement.

You’re going to feel like crap 50% of the time, so in my opinion, you might as well be creating cool shit along the way.