It’s easy—in coaching and life—to default to talking about our challenges and problems.

But I want to encourage you to cultivate the practice of looking at what’s working, too. 

Imagine a sales floor or a locker room. Individuals and teams watch winning game tape, not just losing game tape, and dissect deals won as much as deals lost. 

You might be used to picking apart and analyzing your losses in life, but how often do you do evaluations and reviews on your successes and wins?

Do you really know how and why you’ve gotten the great results that you have in a certain area of your life, like your health, career, or relationship?

Or does part of you feel like it was chance or luck or a lightning strike of inspiration that can’t easily be replicated?

Coaching is about showing you how your thinking creates your feelings, which create your inactions or inactions, which create your results.

By looking at wins (read: desired results), you can amplify and replicate them. Who the heck wouldn’t want that?

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What’s working? (Free write in response to this.) 
  • What is the last awesome result that I created and what actions did I take to get it?
  • What am I believing in an area of my life that’s going well? 
  • Why did this opportunity “fall in my lap”?
  • What am I doing differently than before that’s producing results?

Then? Go do more of what you came up with.