Are you taking massive action…or passive action?

Let’s back up. Early on in my coaching programs, I explain to my clients the difference between massive action and passive action.

It’s a concept we come back to over and over again, as we take the work deeper.

Think of any half-finished project that you have. It’s half-finished because of passive action.

You can think of passive action as taking the wrong kind of action or hanging out in inaction. It’s letting things happen, “without active response.”

Here are some examples of passive action: You procrastinate. You don’t schedule time blocks to work on your project. You lose interest and you don’t bother figuring out how to generate more motivation. You let other people’s priorities take precedence over your projects, instead of saying no. Your attention is scattered in many directions and you don’t learn to refocus. You think you’re incapable of finishing and don’t break through your mental blocks. You compare yourself to others.

The antidote to passive action is massive action.

Massive action, unlike passive action, invites you to take action over and over, constantly pivoting as needed, until you finish your project. Every single falter is just an obstacle, and all obstacles have corresponding strategies for overcoming them.

This is so important: Massive action is not about the amount of time you dedicate, it’s not about giving up sleep or self-care, and it’s not about exhausting yourself. It’s about learning to take action until you finish your project, period.

If the term “massive action” freaks you out a bit—good! That reaction will surface important, valuable information.

So: Do you spend more time in massive action or passive action in your life?

I teach this concept in more depth in all of my coaching programs, then we apply it immediately. 

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