Most procrastinating business owners fundamentally want the same things.

You want to feel like you’re either on or off; not like you’re half-working or half-relaxing.

To agree with yourself about what you should be doing in any given moment; not feel a sense of constant internal conflict.

To end the week feeling damn proud of yourself and all that you created; not feel disappointed by not meeting your own expectations—again.

To be fully present and engaged with your friends and family; not have your mind constantly drift back to your to-do list all evening and weekend.

To genuinely enjoy the process of creation; not just the final product.

To both appreciate what you already have and create more—from gratitude and joy; not from a perceived deficit or brokenness.

It’s possible, with a Monday Hour One practice.

A Monday Hour One practice consists of just 5 simple steps, done on repeat week-over-week:

  1. Write the results that you want to create by the end of the week
  2. Write down every task that you’ll do to create those results
  3. Choose how much time to give each task
  4. Put each task on your calendar
  5. Follow through on your calendar, watching your thoughts

Done repeatedly, these 5 simple steps are the entry way to creating more connection, joy, and purpose with your work, every day.

When you read these 5 steps, you’ll want to ask a ton of questions. You might even feel a sense of panic or urgency. You’ll wonder things like:

But how do I choose what to prioritize?

How do I strike the balance between over-planning and under-planning?

How the heck am I supposed to know how long things take?

What do I do about totally unexpected interruptions?

But what should I do when inspiration strikes but it’s not in my calendar?⁣

Can I even do this if I have a history of not following through on my calendar?

How do I get back on track when I fall off my plan? ⁣

Every question you have is both totally normal and totally solvable. I’ve helped hundreds of business owners through the exact same hesitations.

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And, in the meantime, here’s your only job: Believe that this simple 5-step process is available to you, and will work.