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When I’m not working 1:1 with clients to end their procrastination, I’m speaking to and teaching groups.

I’m available for the following:

  • Speaking at your conference
  • Facilitating small workshops (in person or online)
  • Joining you on your podcast
  • Contributing to your article
Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach

Keynote topics:

How to Take a Project from Half-Finished to Done
How to Take Back Your Week with Monday Hour One
How to Get Into a Deep Work State in 15 Minutes
How to Get Into Your Productivity Power Zone Every Day

I look forward to hearing from you: hello@piquecoaching.co.

Featured: speaking gigs

Brainstorming with a Lean In DC Circle
Say Yes The Huddle with Liz Stanley -- Procrastination Workshop
LinkedIn Nonprofit Sales Team Workshop

"Thanks so much for leading the session – I’m already getting pings from the team about how much they enjoyed."

"THANK YOU so much. It was a wonderful presentation and we got great feedback."

Featured on: podcasts

Go To Gal Jaclyn Mellone Podcast
Inspired for Action: Why You Procrastinate + How to Stop
Working Deeply with Cristina Roman on the Productivitiyst Podcast

Go-To Gal

The Antidote to Procrastination with Cristina Roman


Inspired for Action

Why You Procrastinate and How to Stop with Cristina Roman


The Productivityist Podcast

Working Deeply with Cristina Roman


Money Circle Podcast with Maggie Germano

Money Circle

Why Time Management and Productivity Is So Important


Sara Frandina + Cristina Roman, formerly of One Woman Shop

Pep Talks for Side Hustlers

How to Sell a Business
with Sara Frandina + Cristina Roman


Build it Better with Chuck Belden

Build It Better

Cristina Roman on How to Stop Procrastinating


The Whole Point Podcast -- Christy Bartelt + Cyrina Talbott

The Whole Point 

Nip Procrastination in the Bud – A Conversation with Cristina Roman


Conscious Professionals with Liz of Astera Global

Conscious Professionals

15 Minutes to Deep Work with Cristina Roman



Declaration Life Podcast with Cristabelle Braden

Declaration Life

What Motivates You? with Cristina Roman


The Emily Elizabeth Coaching Podcast

Time Management with Cristina Roman


The Fan Finder Podcast with MEGAN KUHAR Brand Strategy Coach for Musicians

The Fan Finder Podcast

How to Master Working from Home while Self-Isolating


How to Be a Better Person

Happy at Home: Being Productive While Quarantined


Deep work on the Brewing Productivitea podcast

Brewing Productivitea

ALL about Deep Work with Expert Life Coach Cristina Roman


Millennial Wisdom Podcast with Dr. Jennifer Wisdom

Millennial Wisdom

The Growth Mindset Coach


The Rich Life Podcast

Episode 37 // Pique


Q&A with Productivity Coach Cristina Roman on Manifestation Lizified
Abundantly Being Podcast with Mary Hodges
Money Career Productivity
The Elevate Your 8 Podcast with Kris McPeak and guest Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach

Elevate Your 8

DEEP Work at our “Pique” Performance with Cristina Roman


Featured in: articles

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