Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 3/09/2022)

The Project Finisher Guarantee for Half-Finished to Done, LIVE:

  • Submit all homework assignments on time (unless you notify me at least 24 hours in advance with your updated deadline) 
  • Re-submit any homework assignments that I mark as incomplete (this is rare, and I am always fair) before the next homework deadline
  • Respond to my homework feedback each week, confirming that you’ve read it
  • Re-submit your amended project plan based on mutually-agreed upon changes, edits, or additions 
  • Make the appropriate adjustments to your schedule in order to hit or make up 100% of your project work blocks, or adjust the scope of your project to reduce the number of work blocks needed (I will give you really specific recommendations; it’s your job to accept, reject, or counteroffer on my recommendations in a way that creates a finished project for you) 
  • Use the troubleshooting process before every call in Weeks 4-8
  • Miss no more than 2 calls during the 8 weeks OR submit one-paragraph written recap of any missed coaching call 
  • Share two wins per week in the wins channel 
  • Document and follow up in writing on Slack on any individualized coaching that I give you on calls
  • If you miss any part of the one-day kickoff, submit a one paragraph recap on Slack after watching the recap (before the Week 1 call) 

If you do this and don’t finish your project by the end of our 8 weeks, you can enroll in the next round for free!

I reserve the right to withhold the guarantee in cases where you haven’t made a reasonable effort to finish your project. (For example: If your project is 95% finished but you’re not finishing it just so that you can re-enroll). I don’t see this happening, but I want to cover my tushy, legally.

What are the expectations?

In order to ensure that the entire cohort gets value, the following guidelines are in place for assignments and calls.

Assignments: 1 late or incomplete assignment will result in a heads up, 2 late or incomplete assignments will result in a warning, 3 late or incomplete assignments means that I reserve the right to ask you to leave the live group, but you can continue to work the self-paced course on your own.

Calls: You can miss up to 3 out of the 14 group calls (that’s 80% attendance).  

What is your late policy?

If you arrive late to our session, that time will be deducted from your session. If you are more than 10 minutes late, our session will be cancelled. If you reach out to me directly within 12 hours, you are entitled to one freebie reschedule. Thank you for your understanding; this helps us stay on track so that I can serve all clients to the best of my ability.

What is your reschedule policy?

You can reschedule with at least 24 hours of notice. No-shows will count as a forfeited session, unless you have an emergency.

What is your recording policy?

Our video calls will be recorded by Zoom. These videos are used by me to review our conversations, track our progress, and progress my own learning.

They will also be shared with the current cohort of the program in Slack.

These call recordings cannot be shared externally for any reason.

They will be considered Confidential Information unless for any reason I am required by law to turn them over to a court or authorized officials.

Are coaching and therapy interchangeable?

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy and I am not a licensed therapist. Coaching is not about treatment and is not for those who are struggling to function in their everyday lives.

Coaching is designed to take you from baseline to thriving, while therapy is often (though not always) about bringing you from non-functioning to baseline.

Thoughts of self-harm and substance abuse issues (currently or within the past year) are a good indicator that you should seek a therapist, no a coach.

A disclaimer: Coaching services will involve discussing sensitive aspects of your life; you may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, or helplessness. If at any point you experience significant increased distress or have thoughts of harming yourself or others, you agree to notify a mental health provider so that an appropriate level of support can be provided.

You mentioned discomfort. Can you tell me more?

I always say that coaching is having a guide to work with you through the inevitable discomfort of evolving.

Think about the last time you deep cleaned your house. It probably got insanely messy before it got clean, right? That’s how I think about coaching — it’s constantly unearthing and disrupting your current thinking, feelings, actions, and results, which can get uncomfortable.

If we touch on a topic that feels uncomfortable or unpleasant, it is always your choice whether we continue to discuss it or move on. I will remind you of this in our session. Discomfort is part of the process; but your intuition is ultimately your guide.

What else should I expect during our sessions?

Our coaching relationship will evolve over time. Here are a few things that will help us align and recalibrate over time:

Remember that I maintain strict confidentiality guidelines (see more below), so you can (and should!) share openly.

If you are upset by something I say or do during a coaching session, please make it known so that we can find a solution that works for you. Having a constant feedback loop will propel our relationship (and therefore, your results) forward much faster than keeping quiet. More generally, if something is not working for you in the coaching relationship, please bring it up so that we can find a mutually satisfying solution.

Understand that I will sometimes interrupt the flow of conversation in surprising or abrupt ways in order to move our coaching forward.

You are always welcome to make requests of me and I will do my best to meet them, as I’m able.

I will almost never give you the answer—coaching is about empowering you to brainstorm solutions, make decisions that align with you, and change your results.

Anything else I should know about confidentiality?

I may use some of our work as inspiration for podcast episodes or emails to my list, but will always maintain your anonymity.

I reserve the right to use your words as testimonials. I will do so anonymously, unless I have your express permission to share your name. All testimonials can be used on social media, this website, prospective client materials, and other places where you’d typically expect to see a testimonial.

I reserve the right to disclose information to mental health providers or the police if I believe you or anyone else might be at risk. This is based on my sole discretion.

This section should not be interpreted as a legal obligation like that of certain licensed professionals who have a duty to report (i.e. therapists). I am simply saying that human to human, if I detect that there is a need to disclose and that not doing so would cause you or someone else harm, I will disclose the necessary information.

How can I reach you between calls?

Communication in between sessions takes place on Slack. I respond M-F within 48 hours.

Can I expect specific outcomes or earnings?

While I do promise that I will provide everything to you that I’ve listed in the following section, I cannot guarantee that you will see specific results. Although I share past client work as an example of what’s possible, you should not interpret this as a guarantee for you. (Let’s call it inspiration.)

What can I expect from you as my coach?

  • Complete confidentiality (with the slight caveats above)
  • My full attention during our sessions
  • Non-judgment and an open space for you to process your thoughts and feelings
  • Honest opinions, as well as honest acknowledgment of my own limitations, as related to your evolution
  • Boundaries as appropriate to protect my mental and physical space so that I can best serve you
  • Shit tons of humor—I will absolutely take you seriously, but this works best with a big dose of humor
  • During the week, 48-hour turnaround on any communication you send my way (unless I’ve previously communicated that I’ll be out of commission)
  • Complete commitment to your evolution as a human

Can I take your work and use it? 

I retain ownership of my intellectual property. That means that any tools, materials, or other resources that I created and provide to guide our work together continues to be owned by me. It may be used for your own personal development but it may not be copied and distributed in any manner, publicly displayed, modified, used as the basis for derivative works, or used for any commercial purpose.

If you feel inclined to brag about our work together (because we are going to kill it), that’s fantastic! But please refrain from sharing screenshots of the intellectual property.

In simplified terms: By working as your coach, I am not giving you ownership of my intellectual property but I am giving you a license to use them for a specific purpose.

Do I need to agree to these terms to work with you?

Your payment for services constitutes an acceptance of the terms of a contractual agreement. These FAQs serve as our contract because they are the terms of us working together. (I opted not to give you 10+ pages of fine print. You can thank me later.) Please understand that it is your responsibility to read these terms in full. If you have any questions not answered on these FAQs, you should ask me prior to proceeding with services.

Any final policies that I should be aware of?

We each have the opportunity to terminate this agreement if the working relationship just doesn’t work for us. As your coach, I may determine that it’s best to terminate if you routinely fail to complete your homework or if we regularly don’t see eye to eye. This will only happen once in a blue moon. If I terminate, I will refund you for any sessions not conducted. (Payment will be refunded within 5 business days but receipt of the refund is subject to Stripe or PayPal’s turnaround time.)

Questions? Email me!