The 3 Skills You Need to Finish Projects Workshop

Finish all of those half-done projects by learning these 3 skills

Do you have all kinds of half-finished projects in your personal and professional life? If you’re ready to finally finish them, you’ll need a few critical skills in your toolbox. 

In this free 60-minute workshop, I’m teaching you the three skills you need to master in order to finish those projects.

Is this you?

  • You want to learn how to finish projects, with less pain and shame
  • You want to do it in a small group of 10 people, so that you get personalized attention
  • You want to do it from the comfort of your own home, while wearing joggers and slippers 
  • You would love for it to be free

Pretty tempting, eh? If you’re in, let’s do the damn thing!


  • You must be willing to show up on video from a quiet place on the day of.
  • There is a $50 fully refundable deposit to save your spot. If you come with video on, you get your money back. If you bail, consider it a $50 lesson ;)


  • Kickoff and group introductions.
  • Understanding the three skills that you need to master finishing projects.
  • Live coaching on your hesitations and obstacles.
  • Recap and takeaways.

The next workshop: Monday, 8/10 at 5pm ET

About the host:

I’m Cristina Roman, a Certified Life Coach. 

I work with clients who feel like they’re tried everything to combat procrastination. 

We work to solve the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, so that they can finally overcome procrastination, once and for all. 

"The [workshop] has been helpful in validating that I'm not broken - just need a bit of reprogramming."
Workshop attendee
"Thank you so much for your time and your expertise this morning. :) I loved it."
Workshop attendee

P.S. Know someone else who might like to join, too? You can send them here to this page to register. Thanks in advance!