If we were to drop you in the Half-Finished to Done, LIVE time machine and spit you out in February 2021, how would you want to feel on a more consistent basis when it came to getting projects done in your business?⁣

A lot of people will answer this question with things like “Less stressed,” “less overwhelmed,” or “less frantic.” ⁣

That’s a great start, but I recommend focusing not on what feeling you won’t have, but what feeling you will have. ⁣

Would you want to feel:⁣

More committed?⁣

More invested?⁣

More energized?⁣

More satisfied?⁣

More inspired?⁣

More passionate?⁣

More decisive?⁣

More focused?⁣

More calm?⁣

More trusting? (This is my answer, every single time.) ⁣⁣

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