Clients often come to me with a big decision on their plate. They present all of the information on both sides and wait for me to give my input or tell them what to do.

But I never do.

Partially because it’s not my decision to make, but also because they’ve often missed a step: Deciding whether it’s actually time to make a decision.

So I always ask this question: “Is it time to make a decision yet?” We let the mind chatter dissipate and wait for their inner voice’s response.

If it is time to make a decision, they almost always know what the answer is already. But if it’s not time to decide yet, it’s off to information gathering mode.

I’m a firm believer in naming concepts to integrate them more fully into your life. By calling it “information gathering mode,” your brain naturally relaxes from the stress of decision making and goes to work gathering useful information for you. Hence, the very fitting, very descriptive name “information gathering mode.” 🤓 When I talked about this with one of my clients, she breathed a sigh of relief. She said it felt like “putting her weapons down” and relaxing into a process of exploration and curiosity.

If this seems too simple, try it with your next big or small decision: “Is it time to make a decision yet?” Don’t let yourself get away with “maybe.” Get a firm “yes” or “no” from yourself. If you’re not sure about the answer you hear, ask “How do I know that this is the right answer?”

Don’t let yourself hang out in information gathering mode for fear of committing to a decision, and don’t rush to a decision for fear of hanging out in information gathering mode. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know which route you’re normally inclined to.