The Deep Work Habit Club

Join us live from May 30-June 13 to learn how to focus on demand.

The Deep Work Habit Club: How to master focus on demand, without distractions

Sadly, the Deep Work Habit Club is now over! 

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Sustainably finishing projects in your business happens one focused hour at a time.

You know that you would benefit from more uninterrupted time doing the highest-impact work in your business.

But somehow you always end up working on busy work; letting yourself get distracted; and consistently avoiding the hard, boring, or overwhelming work on your to-do list.  

It’s time to learn a better way: Creating the conditions for focus, every day.

At the 15-day Deep Work Habit Club, I’ll teach you how to create a daily deep work habit.

You’ll condense your most high-impact work into focused, uninterrupted work blocks, so that you can finish more projects and have more true rest.

This is for you if:

Without deep work

With deep work


Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach


Hey, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a Procrastination Coach.

I help business owners take control of all of their half-finished projects, using a sustainable, repeatable method.

Deep work is one of the three skills that I teach my clients—so consider this challenge your first step to becoming a self-assured project finisher.

What's included in the Deep Work Habit Club:

  • The step-by-step Guide for How to Get Into a Deep Work State in 15 Minutes
  • Prep emails to set you up for success during the challenge
  • 15-day pop-up Facebook Group, for personalized written coaching from me
  • Access to the Deep Work Habit Club Bundle: All of the challenge resources, in one place
  • Live workshops + group coaching from May 30-June 13, to help you troubleshoot


There are four resources included with the challenge:

  • Before kickoff: Prep emails
  • During the 15-day challenge: A pop-up Facebook Group + live, interactive workshops and coaching calls
  • Forever access: The Deep Work Habit Club Bundle

Leading up to the live May 30-June 13 challenge, you’ll receive a set of prep emails that will help you understand the concept of deep work more deeply. 

On Sunday, May 29, the private pop-up Facebook Group will open, so that you can get oriented.

On Monday, May 30, you’ll get access to the Deep Work Habit Club Bundle, which has all of the tools, concepts, and exercises that you’ll need throughout the live challenge.

From May 30-June 13, you’ll get unlimited written help from me in the pop-up Facebook Group.

Spend as little or as much time in the challenge as you want; no matter what, you’ll get exactly what you need from it. 

On Monday, June 13, the pop-up Facebook Group will close down, and I’ll give you the opportunity to work with me in my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. 

I definitely still recommend joining—if you are committed to doing the work on your own timeline. (I say this because I know how tempting it is to sign up for something and think “I’ll get to it later.”) 

All 5 calls will be recorded, so you dive into them on your own schedule.

Additionally, you’ll have lifetime access to the Guide for How to Get Into a Deep Work State in 15 Minutes and the accompanying Deep Work Habit Club Bundle, to support you as you develop your deep work practice.  

Yes! I’d love to say thank you by giving a special gift to you and whoever you invite along for the challenge. 

When anyone you refer registers for the Deep Work Habit Club on this page (, you’ll all get the Productivity Power Zone mini course ($99 value each).

Once you’re all registered, just email with your names and emails to redeem your free gifts.

Thank you for telling people about the challenge!

Deep Work Habit Club participants work on anything that requires focus to produce the highest-quality work.

It’s the perfect time and place to tackle work that you’ve historically put off because it felt too hard or overwhelming. 

Here’s a question, to guide you: What is the work that I’ve been putting off that would have the biggest impact in creating the results that I want in my business?

Here are some examples:

  • Written, audio, or video marketing content
  • Asset creation, like workbooks and courses
  • Completing a continuing education course
  • Setting up financial systems 
  • Developing internal processes for your business
  • Email marketing automations
  • Writing podcast scripts
  • Digital organization 
  • Partnership outreach
  • Planning out a project 

Once you’re in the Deep Work Habit Club, I’ll help you figure out what to work on, too. 

Glad you asked!

If you love the work we’re doing in the Deep Work Habit Club —focusing on demand, in order to get more of your highest-impact projects completed—you’ll want to check out my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE

It’s the 8-week group coaching program for business owners who want to become calm, self-assured project finishers by using a simple, repeatable project finishing method.

Just a little!

When you participate in the Deep Work Habit Club, you’re giving me permission to use your words anonymously for all marketing purposes.

All live calls will be recorded and distributed throughout this and future Deep Work Habit Clubs, or other related challenges.


If you’re used the deep work guide in full at least once and are not satisfied, I am more than happy to issue a full refund. 

Just reach out to within 30 days of purchase, with confirmation that you’ve used the process in full one time through. 

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