When I speak to self-proclaimed procrastinators about how they’d like to feel, accomplished is one of the most common emotions mentioned—along with proud, satisfied, successful, and confident.

You, too?

This is likely in sharp contrast to how you often feel now: Guilty, embarrassed, inadequate, ashamed, overwhelmed.

The feeling of accomplished might feel out of your control, but you can actually learn to create it on demand.

And when you create it on demand more frequently, you feel better and you create even more opportunities where it’s easy to feel accomplished.

In other words, a feeling of accomplished begets more feelings of accomplished.

So if you’re ever feeling stuck in procrastination or perfectionism, remember that “an achievement is something that is accomplished particularly by great effort, courage…or skills.”

This means that in order to get unstuck, you need to troubleshoot just one or more of these three areas. 

Start by asking yourself this:

In my current situation, do I need more:

  • Skill?
  • Effort?
  • Courage?

How do I know?

Once you know exactly what you need, you clear up your confusion and you can get to work implementing your solution.

Let’s walk through an example: You’re building a simple website for your new business and you don’t understand why you keep pushing back the launch date. The website is set up; your minimum viable copy is written; and you’re still feeling nervous. In this case, you likely need to applaud yourself for your skill and effort and then channel courage, in order to hit publish and be willing to iterate as you get feedback. (Instead of expecting it to be perfect the first time around.)

Or, you might be like me: In my first year of business, I worked hard to produce content and I put myself out there all the time. But I was missing the skill set of actually selling and converting people into paying clients. Once I added a program specifically designed for selling (skill) to my effort and courage, it put fuel on the fire of my business.

if you’d like more about the Accomplishment Triad, click here to watch a 9-minute video

In the video, you’ll learn:

  • The backstory of the Accomplishment Triad
  • How to get into the Accomplishment Triad on demand today
  • Which of the 3 areas of the Triad most people misdiagnose (vs what they actually need)
  • 3 accomplishment-generating questions
  • What your actions look like when you’re firmly rooted in the Accomplishment Triad
  • A pro tip for the times when you already feel accomplished

Enjoy spending more time feeling accomplished!