Releasing the Emotional Baggage of Unfinished Projects with TaVona Denise
Did you know that your experience with past projects can impact your emotional life?
When you’re bogged down with past disappointments or are hoarding resentment and fear, it’s natural to feel stagnant, frustrated, and dissatisfied.
One cause of this is unresolved feelings resulting from unfinished projects. The good news is that you don’t have to stay stuck. You have the power to declutter your unresolved emotions and move forward with your next project feeling excited, open, and optimistic.
So how do you release the emotional baggage of unfinished projects? That is exactly what you will uncover in this episode.
Our guest today is TaVona Denise. TaVona is setting a new standard for how coaches book out their one-on-one services and fill their group programs so they can actually make money doing what they love.
Listen in as we discuss:
  • How the negative experience of an unfinished project can manifest in your life
  • What a militant boundary is, and how it can show up in your life and business
  • A powerful way to respond when you are feeling activated or triggered
  • The 2 emotions that to be aware of when creating anything big
  • Self-pity days, and how they can help you process disappointments
  • Simple tips and strategies to facilitate emotional release for yourself

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