Navigating Productivity When Your Kid is Struggling with Ashley Jangro

This one is for the parents who are struggling to balance their work with their role as a parent—especially when their kid or teen is having a hard time.

This is something that comes up with my clients all the time, so when I met Ashley Jangro, I knew I needed to have her on the podcast as a guest expert on this topic. 

Listen in as Ashley and I discuss:

  • What to do when it feels like your productivity is affected by your kids

  • How to start with your own mental health, before helping your child with theirs

  • Letting your kids see you make mistakes and talking through that

  • Evaluating the prescribed “shoulds” you have for your kids and yourself

  • How to be okay when your kid is not okay

  • How to differentiate between constructive and destructive actions in your relationship with your kid 

  • A process to walk yourself through when you are experiencing an intense situation with your kid

  • How taking the time to process your own emotions isn’t a time waster; it’s the best possible use of your time

  • Recommendations for a parent who needs to self-soothe

  • How to get back into work when you or your kid is struggling 


Ashley Jangro, Certified Life Coach

YouTube: Ashley Jangro Coaching

Ashley’s website 

You can listen to this episode using the audio player above, or find it on your preferred podcasting app by searching for the Half-Finished to Done Podcast. 

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