Moving Your Projects from Half-Finished to Done

Thinking about projects that we leave half-finished often evokes feelings of self-judgment, self-criticism, guilt, shame, embarrassment, or other negative emotions.  

I want to introduce you to a different way to approach this. Let’s look at this scientifically. I want you to consider that the difference between a half-finished project and a finished project is just inputs and outputs. When we look at it with the curiosity of a scientist, it removes so much of the emotional heaviness, which helps you change things moving forward. 

Listen in as I break this down into four different inputs and one output that you need to keep procrastination at bay and take your projects from half-finished to done. 

What’s inside the episode:

  • The four factors that  create a half-finished or finished projects
  • How to apply this framework to your projects 
  • The most common reasons that I see projects left half-finished by my clients

The framework mentioned:

  • Circumstances
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions
  • Results

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