Moving Past Procrastination as a Coping Mechanism

Bold claim: All self-proclaimed procrastinators fundamentally crave success and fear failure. 

There are two catches here: We also fear success…and success is predicated on failure. 

So we’re simultaneously craving and fearing success, while also trying to prevent the exact failure that would ultimately lead us to success—all of which leaves us in a bit of a pickle. 

This is why a procrastination habit develops: As a coping mechanism, to protect us from all of our fears.

This episode will help you work through releasing some of these coping mechanisms in order to have more success with your projects.

What’s inside the episode:

  • Examples of the most common ways that we use procrastination as a coping mechanism
  • How to identify your unique forms of procrastination
  • How to completely reframe your relationship to both failure and success

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