Long-term success in your business is contingent on your ability to produce the amount of money that you want, when you want it.

When you believe that generating money in your business is outside of your control (because of your available time, your circumstances, other people, your level of confidence, the time of year, etc), you become overly cautious with your money.

And when this happens, you miss opportunities to strategically invest in things that will bring you way more money in the long run. Like coaching!

You’ll know this is you if:

  1. You’re not willing to stake a significant (whatever that means to you) amount of money on making your best ideas come to fruition
  2. You don’t understand the opportunity cost of your current habits (the exact amount of money you could be collecting but aren’t)
  3. You don’t believe in your ability to generate money on demand (you think you need more something before you can make money)
  4. You view things as expenses, not investments (you’re focused on the money you’re losing, not the money you stand to gain)
  5. When investing in things, you think short-term (you think about the time you’ll have access to the resource, vs the lifetime value of implementing the resource)
  6. When faced with a business investment, you turn to your personal finances (you don’t automatically think “What would I need to produce in my business if I want to make this possible?”)

These symptoms will show up when you’re making the decision of whether to invest $2,000 into joining the next round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE.

If you’re interested in joining Half-Finished to Done, LIVE but concerns about money are holding you back, let’s hop on a consult with me and talk through your hesitations. 

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P.S. This was posted by a client in Week 6 of 8 in the program. Here’s what happens when you take on your projects in a new way:

“I’ve made a huge amount of progress, which has resulted in a better work product, produced in less time and in a much better emotional state, and more rest and relaxation once I’m done with work. (Yay!)”