In this episode, my hypnotherapist Christy Bartelt and I chat about Rapid Transformational Therapy, our subconscious beliefs, and the mind.

Specifically, we dive into how RTT works, myths and misconceptions about hypnotherapy, how to spot a good hypnotherapist, who shouldn’t do RTT, and how to set yourself up for success after an RTT session.

We also dive into specific RTT techniques that you can use in everyday life if you’re not ready for or interested in hypnotherapy.

We also segue into giving and receiving feedback — how to redefine kindness in relation to feedback, the mirror technique, and refusing feedback.

Christy gives four incredible pieces of wisdom on how the mind works at the very end of the episode, so be sure to listen until the end.

Oh, and stay tuned for analogies about wild horses, luggage, clouds, and birthday cakes.

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  • “Until you have the full understanding, you can’t really affect real momentous change.”
  • “When [clients are] honest in the session, when they let themselves go all in…the best results come through.”
  • “What’s standing in your way?”
  • “I don’t know if I buy into this woo-woo mumbo jumbo…”
  • “The pain of healing has to be less than the pain of staying.”
  • “Everyone has inside of them the healing that’s necessary.”
  • “I think you might be defining kindness wrong. Kindness isn’t just being nice to people…”

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