How to Have a Life: October 1-31

Craving a rich, full life outside of your business? You’re in the right place.

I've been there. You're so dedicated to your business that you're willing to put your personal life on the back burner...

Until you're not.

If you're feeling restless for a bigger, fuller life outside of your business, I get it!

I know how hard it is to transition out of a work sprint. I know how it's sometimes easier to just keep working, instead of trying to brainstorm a list of things you love to do. And I definitely know what it's like to work through inertia.

But you deserve to have a life.

And we're doing it differently here:

Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach


Hey, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a Productivity Coach.

I help business owners like you produce high-caliber work that you’re proud of, while also having a full, rich life outside of your business.

This challenge is your first step. 


Topics we'll cover:

How to Have a Life is delivered through:

  • 5 live, interactive group workshops
  • A 20-minute, 1:1 speed coaching session with me
  • 31-day pop-up Facebook Group, for personalized written coaching from me
  • Access to the How to Have a Life Bundle: All of the challenge resources, in one place
  • Access to the Guide for How to Get Into a Deep Work State in 15 Minutes (normally $27)


Yes! This challenge is the first of its kind.

It’s the first time I’ve hosted an event focused on building a life outside of your business.

Because while productivity skills like deep work, weekly planning, and project planning are important…so is having a life.

If you need support making your work time more efficient, to free up time and energy for the rest of your life, I can help you during the challenge. It’s just not the focus. 

Building your rich, full life is.

Note: This challenge isn’t for you if you’re happily in hands-down sprint mode. 

Grab your ticket here.

This is different in a few ways.

Most people in this position—overworking but craving a bigger life—experience a similar process: 

Coming up with cool ideas but never acting on them. 

Trying to brute-force your way into having a life…then quitting because it’s not panning out how you expected.

Starting then stalling out.  

Before we get you taking any action, I’ll teach you some core philosophies.

Understanding and embracing these philosophies will lay the groundwork for a different experience during our 31 days together and beyond. 

  1. Building a life is draining when you’re focused on the energy it takes. You have to refocus on the energy you’ll getting back, not the energy you’re expending.
  2. There is usually a lag between realizing what you want and actually getting it—your job is to stay open.
  3. Paradoxically, you also have to stay open to the idea that things can happen much more quickly than you expect.
  4. Building a life isn’t about clear inputs and outputs; it’s about opening up to nudges, inklings, and synchronicities, and seeing where they take you.
  5. If it feels awkward to build a full life as a “grown up,” that’s normal! We’re going to embrace the awkwardness.
  6. The desire you have for a big, full life may ebb and flow—we’ll work with those shifts, instead of white-knuckling through them.
  7. Perfectionism doesn’t just pop up at work; it will show up here, too. All or nothing thinking, perfect planning, high expectations—expect all of it, and be prepared to work through it. 
  8. Building a full, rich life is just as much about appreciating and deepening what you already have—by increasing your presence—as it is about bringing new things into your life.
This is what I would go back and tell myself a year ago, as I was working on having a life.

From here, I’ll show you how to take open, experimental action, with a new mindset.  
Here’s the call schedule, all times in ET:
  • Tuesday, October 4 at 2pm ET: Kickoff call
  • Wednesday, October 11 at 12pm ET: Coaching call 
  • Wednesday, October 18 at 12pm ET: Coaching call
  • Wednesday, October 25 at 12pm ET: Coaching call
  • Wednesday, November 1 at 4pm ET: Closing call

And if you can’t make it live, you can watch the recording of any call. 

You’ll also get to choose a time for your 20-minute, 1:1 speed coaching session with me when you grab your ticket

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