How to audit your calendar for more calm and peace

If you have a jam-packed calendar and you’re not getting the results that you want in your business, it tells us that your time is misaligned. 

You likely have too many things on your schedule that are taking up your mental, emotional, and physical energy, without giving you what you actually want in return—like more finished projects that create more revenue, more positive emotions, more impact, more social capital, and more time for you. 

Let’s start realigning your time today by running a calendar audit.

In this episode, I’m teaching you how, using 4 frameworks. 

If you already use your calendar actively in order to track what’s going on with the schedule in your business or if you are looking to start actively calendaring, this episode is going to be particularly helpful for you. 


  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), what is your current relationship to your calendar?
  • What would a 10 out of 10 relationship to your calendar look like for you? 
  • If you were already a 10 out of 10, what would your predominant thoughts about your calendar be?
  • If you freed up 12+ hours per month using the 4 frameworks, what would you create space for? 

You can listen to this episode using the audio player above, or find it on your preferred podcasting app by searching for the Half-Finished to Done Podcast. 

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