You're still here!

That means you’re serious about this. 

Even entertaining the idea of investing in yourself and your business is a huge step in the right direction. 

Stay with me; your lingering questions and hesitations are likely addressed on this page.  

Half-Finished to Done: The Course

If you're still on the fence, you're likely thinking one of these four things:

Between you and me, I’m pretty sure every single person who has joined Half-Finished to Done, LIVE has thought this. 

I never get offended when people say “I don’t think this will work for me,” because I know that there’s something else going on here. 

The thought “I don’t trust myself to follow through.” 

You might have convinced yourself that this won’t stick or that you’ve tried something just like this before, but I’m going to ask you to play in a world where the following is true:

Maybe this is different. 

Maybe this will help me get to the root cause of my half-finished projects. (Not just treat the symptoms.)

Maybe I’m ready.

Maybe I can learn to trust myself again.

If that could be true, would you take the leap?

Here’s what I suspect you’ve tried: Beating yourself up, telling yourself to “just do it,” willpowering and white-knuckling, and getting stuck in the same self-fulfilling cycle. The dang vortex of half-finished projects, as I not-so-fondly like to call it.

Here’s the new way: Understand exactly why you haven’t been finishing projects, and understand the exact inputs needed for a finished product. 

Here’s a quick preview: Generating productive thoughts and productive feelings, processing unpleasant feelings (instead of resisting them), planning ahead, taking massive action, anticipating obstacles, and understanding your wins so that you can replicate and amplify them. 

If you’ve never felt the pain, guilt, shame, disappointment, and embarrassment of half-finished projects hanging over your head, this program might not be for you. But those might be feelings that you’re intimately familiar with. 

If so: I want you to pause and zoom five years into the future. Think of all of the time, energy, money, and opportunities that you leave on the table in the next five years by not solving this problem. 

Here’s how I like to think about it: If you could improve every single project—in your business, home, health, and hobbies—by just 1%, would it be worth it? 

Only you’ll know if there’s a big enough opportunity cost to make it worth solving for you. 

(For what it’s worth, when I think of it this way, I laugh with delight at what a no-brainer this program is, for the right person.)

Isn’t it funny how our brains block us from solutions and keep us stuck, because we’re worried that we’ll learn we could have solved the problem earlier? 

Here’s the great news: Part of this process is making peace with your Past Self. We won’t be digging or analyzing your past—just accepting it, dropping resistance, selling you on the idea that it all happened like it was supposed to, and then moving on: Into the land of finished projects. 

If you know that it’s not the right time for you to learn these skills, I’ll send you on your merry way and look forward to working with you in the future 🙂 

But if you’re looking for me to convince you, here we go: Why not now?

If you’re going to learn project finishing skills eventually, why not start now?

When you put off the work, you also put off the compounding benefits that you will get. 

You leave so much (revenue, opportunities, and feeling better every day) on the table when you don’t act now. 

Here's what's in store for 8 weeks together:

Unless otherwise noted, all 60-minute Zoom calls take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1pm ET (11am CT, 10 MT, 9am PT). We kick off as a group in August. 


A project is anything that you want to create, that can be clearly defined and given a clear end point. 

Think: That course you’ve been talking about creating; the book proposal you’ve been putting off; the business operating manual that never seems to get finished.

Here are some more real examples from past participants:

  • A photography website
  • A course curriculum
  • A Tarot course⁣⁣
  • A data dashboard
  • A marketing plan
  • An HR project⁣⁣ 
  • A home organization project⁣⁣
  • A racial justice project⁣⁣
  • A book proposal 

We’ll take into account the other ongoing tasks that are already on your plate. 

There are two 60-minute calls per week: One teaching call and one coaching call.

You’ll want to attend live, but there is a recording, just in case.

In addition, you will be spending about 65 minutes per week on the course—reading and doing the assignments—plus the time you’ll spend executing on your project, which is up to you.

It’s time-intensive, but so worth it.

It’s actually not as uncomfortable as you might think!

But it does take vulnerability and courage to be coached live. It’s a very meta process, in which just volunteering to be coached can be a transformative step in and of itself, regardless of what comes out of the session. 

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE grads comment that some of their biggest aha moments come from watching others get coaching. We can often see in others what we can’t yet see in ourselves.

On the call, I’ll ask who would like coaching, and volunteers will join me one at a time on video. We’ll coach together as others watch from the comfort of their own homes.

Besides finishing all those half-finished projects and becoming a totally different person in the process? My goodness, you ask for a lot 😉

I’m going to let my clients tell you! When I asked what their biggest takeways and wins were from our time together, here’s what they said:

“Taking time to be curious about my thoughts, thinking of a goal and identifying all you need to do and not do to achieve it; then making a plan to handle items from the list; unconditional love [for myself].”

“(1) Working through specific big issues in my life that I had trouble letting go of / didn’t like how I was ‘showing up’ for (2) learning a framework on how to address any future thoughts/issues/circumstances I’m struggling with (3) clarity on my goals and priorities for 2020 (4) identifying ‘traps’ I’ve set for myself that I wasn’t very aware of and letting go of them.”

“Recognizing that I can commit time, energy, and money into myself and betterment. Realizing some things about myself that I hadn’t before and admitting to some others. Seeing how much is available to me and others who want to work on bettering themselves.”

“My biggest takeaway is that life coaching is very helpful and something I’d like to continue to have as a resource…life coaching is…about giving you tools to create the future you want for yourself.”

“Having someone to hold you accountable to things really does help with change. An outside person to talk to with new experience and skills is extremely helpful to see new things.”

“I have the ability to change if I set my mind to it and stick with it.”

“Everyone is going through their own struggles, some way more similar to your than you may realize, so keep that in mind when judging or moving through life.”

“This shit is hard and cool AF.”


I extend an invitation to participate in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE if we’ve first met on a video call. Please book a free consult call (by clicking on the button below), so that we can ensure that it’s a mutual fit. 

We’ll meet on Zoom video for 30 minutes.

The purpose of a consult is three-fold. A consult helps you:
1️⃣ Understand exactly why what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked, ⁣⁣⁣
2️⃣ Understand the 6-step process that I will teach you in the program,
3️⃣ Arrive at a decision that you love about whether or not to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. ⁣⁣⁣

If we agree that it’s a fit, I’ll send over a link so that you can pay and book your first 1:1 coaching call. 

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive access to a Google Calendar with the call schedule, as well as several resources that you can work through on your own before we kick off officially as a group. 

I can’t wait to meet you!

Ready? Let's do the damn thing.

We’ll meet 1:1 for 30 minutes on a Zoom video call to walk through what it would look like to work together, the exact 6-step process that I’ll lead you through, and any hesitations that you have about joining. 

The goal is to end the call with a decision that you love about whether to join the next round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE.