The Half-Finished to Done Intensive

One finished project in two days—no more procrastination.

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I want you to think of that project. (Yup, that one.) The one that’s been on your to-do list for what feels like forever. 

You feel disappointed, frustrated, and overwhelmed when you think about it, which makes you avoid it even more. 

That’s the #1 mistake that I see my clients make when they first come to me: They think guilt-tripping and shaming themselves into finishing the project will work, but it actually makes things worse. 

What if you could get the project done?

Can you imagine how incredible that would feel? (It would probably feel like relief, accomplishment, and pride.)

And here’s the kicker: Once you learn how to take one project from half-finished to done—without heartache, pain, or shame—you can it with all of the rest of those projects that you’re dying to finish. 

Introducing: The Half-Finished to Done

Two days. One finished project. Let's do this.

Half-Finished to Done: The Course

If you're ready to:

  • Commit two days to finishing that "forever project"?
  • Show yourself that you can finish anything you set your mind to?
  • Take ownership of your project, instead of leaving it at the whim of the “motivation fairy”?
  • Learn a proven, repeatable process to use with other projects in the future?

Then this is for you.

Are you ready to:


  • Think of the project you "should" be doing
  • Try to white-knuckle your way through, using guilt and willpower
  • Get annoyed and overwhelmed, then pretend the project doesn't exist


  • Generate compelling reasons why you actually want to finish this project
  • Take massive action, dealing with obstacles along the way
  • Relish the sweet afterglow of a finished project

Investment: $499

This isn't the only option out there...

But—as far as I know—it’s the only intensive specifically designed for people 

like you, who:

  • Have a history of leaving lots of projects half-finished
  • Are ready to get to the root cause of why they don't finish things
  • Are over trying to shame and beat themselves up into change
  • Know that there's no one tool, tip, or strategy out there that will solve everything. *cough* Because you've tried them all.
  • Recognize that a finished project is great, but that this process is really about getting to know yourself

Here’s what’s in store during our two days together:

Note: All times are in ET, and all sessions take place on Zoom video.


  • Understand exactly why you never finished this project up until now, and why that's such important data
  • Know how to make and implement a foolproof project plan for any project in the future
  • Know how to troubleshoot any obstacles that will come up when working on future projects
  • Be an expert in the step-by-step process for how to get into a deep work state in 15 minutes (clients say that it's a total game-changer)
  • Walk away with life-long skills and lifetime access to tools that you can pull out at any time
  • Celebrate your finished project with your Half-Finished to Done Intensive cohort

The Half-Finished to Done Intensive

Two-day intensive
$ 499 One-time investment
  • Learn a repeatable, proven process that you can use again in the future on any project
  • Receive personalized feedback on your project plan
  • Gain lifetime access to the Half-Finished to Done course ($199 value)
  • BONUS: The deep work state guide ($29 value)
  • BONUS: Access to the Productivity Power Zone mini course ($29 value)
  • Walk away with a completed project under your belt, and all of the tools that you need for the future (Priceless)

👋 I'm your guide:

Hi, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a reformed half-finished project person. (Say that five times fast.)

I used to joke that the internet was scattered with my half-finished projects. Beneath the joke was a feeling that I wasn’t committed or focused enough to just follow through. Once the novelty of a new project wore off, I was off in search of the next shiny project to sink my teeth into.

Using the method that I will teach you, I revamped the way that I take on and finish projects in my personal and professional life. My belief “I don’t follow through” has become “Of course I’ll follow through; I’m a damn finisher.”



  • You know that investing time, money, and energy can help shorten your learning curve by months or even years
  • You're willing to focus on just one project, even if your brain is saying that you can work on all of them
  • You're ready for "heavy lifting" (my client's words)


  • You’re not ready to invest 2 days and $499 into solving the problem of this one lingering project
  • You’d rather DIY your way to a solution
  • You’re not comfortable with direct feedback or questioning your beliefs
  • You want a quick fix or silver bullet solution

In short: This shit works, if you're all in.

Investment: $499

I bet you need to hear this:
Your project matters. And it matters now.

(Will you judge me if I tell you that I teared up while writing that header?☝️)

You might be like, “Cristina, you don’t even know me or my project.”

But I don’t care. Your project matters in this world.

I don’t care how selfish or trivial you think it is; the truth is that you have things you want to do, or create, or say, or teach, or feel.

And I believe with all of my heart that one small project can be a gateway to a version of you that you can’t quite imagine yet; the version of you who’s confident and courageous enough to say and do and create and teach and feel those things.

I also want to address the 🐘 in the room: We’re in the midst of unprecedented times. For some people, this is absolutely not the time to focus on changing life-long procrastination habits and becoming a focused, productive project finisher. For others, there is literally no better time than now

There’s no right or wrong decision here; just the decision that you love and go all in on. So what’ll it be? 

Yeah, but...
(Read: Your objections)

If you know in your heart that it’s not the right time for you to learn these skills, I will never disagree with you. I’ll send you on your merry way and hope to see you in the future 🙂 

But if you’re looking for me to convince you, here we go: For many people, there has literally never been a better time for this work. I joke with my clients that it’s like the universe told us all to go to our rooms and think about what we’ve done. 

Many people are completely surrounded by all of their vices, triggers, and distractions right now—food, alcohol, social media, the news, their spouse, their kids—so their distraction problem has “reached a fever pitch,” in the words of one of my clients.

Is that you? Then you might find energy in this sentiment from many of clients: If they can master these skills in the midst of a global pandemic, with heightened racial tensions, while homeschooling their kids, they can’t even imagine how much they’ll be able to create and do once we enter the “new normal.” 

This sentence will likely irk some people, but I’ll say it any way—you get to choose how you come out of these unprecedented times. What will you choose? 

If you’ve never felt the pain, guilt, shame, disappointment, and embarrassment of a half-finished project hanging over your head, this intensive might not be for you.

But if those are feelings that you’re intimately familiar with, read on. 

Here’s my guess: If you have a lingering project that’s been on your to-do list forever, this “half-finished” challenge is likely showing up in other areas of your life. *Insert long pause for you to think about this*

If I’m right, I want you to pause and zoom five years into the future. How many projects would you like to start and finish in all areas of your life in the next five years? Think: Career, business, personal finances, romantic relationships, hobbies, and community projects. 

Now think of all of the time, energy, money, and opportunities that you’d leave on the table in the next five years by not learning these skills. Only you’ll know if there’s a big enough opportunity cost to make it worth solving for you. 

One last thought: I have a lot of students who told me straight up that they didn’t have the money to invest in a program with me. What we often discover is that they do have the money, but they’re hesitant to invest, because they don’t trust themselves to follow the program all the way through.

My question to you: If you trusted yourself fully, would you invest $499 to solve this problem? 

Isn’t it funny how our brains block us from solutions and keep us stuck, because we’re worried that we’ll learn we could have solved the problem earlier? It’s pretty crazy, when you think about it. 

Here’s what I suspect you’ve tried: Beating yourself up, telling yourself to “just do it,” willpowering and white-knuckling, and getting stuck in the same self-fulfilling cycle. The dang vortex of half-finished projects, as I not-so-fondly like to call it.

Here’s the great news: Part of this process is making peace with your Past Self. We won’t be digging or analyzing your past—just accepting it, dropping resistance, selling you on the idea that it all happened like it was supposed to, and then moving on: Into the land of finished projects. 

I’ll help you understand exactly why you haven’t been finishing projects, and understand the exact inputs needed for a finished product. 

Here’s a quick preview: Generating productive thoughts and productive feelings, processing unpleasant feelings (instead of resisting them), planning ahead, taking massive action, anticipating obstacles, and understanding your wins so that you can replicate and amplify them. 

Clients are winning left and right:


It’s the best of all of it!

You’ll learn everything that I teach my clients about finishing projects; you’ll head off and apply what you’ve learned; and then you’ll get coaching from me on your individual challenges that came up along the way, so that you’re ready to tackle projects on your own in the future.

You’ll leave with lifetime access to tools that will allow you to catch yourself before you put off those future personal and professional projects. 

Great question. Here’s a quick rundown:

Before: You’ll do a quick 30-minute exercise before the day of the intensive.

During: We’ll meet from 9am-4pm ET on the first day (7 hours) and 9am-2pm on the second day (5 hours). It’s intense, but so worth it.

After: At the end of our two days together, you’ll spend some thinking about your next steps and what you’d like to commit to moving forward. I’ll support you to make the right decision for you, given what else is currently on your plate.

A project is anything that you want to create, that can be clearly defined and given a clear end point. 

For example, you might want to write up a freebie for your website, write a chapter for a course, wrap up a client project, develop a business plan, clean and organize one room, or finally set up investment accounts. 

Bonus: In the week leading up to the intensive, I’ll be giving you some exercises and prompts that will you help you decide which project to move forward with, if you’re struggling to decide.

Due to the nature of this intensive (two days and capped at 15 people per session), there are no money back refunds given.

I recommend being all in on the decision, and being open to the idea that you won’t need a money back guarantee. 

If it helps, my clients say that it’s totally worth the investment—100% of those surveyed say that working together was better than expected; and two-thirds continue on with continued coaching.

If you’re still hesitant, don’t hesitate to reach out: (Anyone who’s done a consult with me can vouch for the fact that I don’t do hard sells; I help you find what’s right for you.) 

Investment: $499