Shelly Najjar of Confident Nutrition on perfectionism, procrastination (Half-Finished to Done Podcast)

Our guest today is a two-time client of my Half-Finished to Done, LIVE program, Shelly Najjar. 

In this episode, she shares how going through the 5-day Bare Minimum Challenge and then joining Half-Finished to Done, LIVE has taken her from an experience of perfectionism, chaos, and overwhelm in her business to more flexibility, freedom, and fun.

Finishing her projects in the program in a way that she likes generated project ROI for her in the form of money,  time, impact, social capital, and emotional stability.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Shelly’s experience with taking the Bare Minimum Challenge and how she earned the title of the Bare Minimum Queen
  • How she has been able to reduce chaos in her life using the principles of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE
  • The ripple effects of Half-Finished to Done, LIVED: deep emotional stability, more confidence, and reduced chaos
  • Managing perfectionism 
  • The powerful reframe that helped her decide it’s okay to dabble in all of her  different interests without making it a problem
  • How gamifying the process of finishing your projects keeps things fun and engaging
  • The benefit of working on one project at a time    

As a Nutrition Mindset Coach, Shelly helps busy women care for themselves while reaching their goals. Her specialty addresses why and how we eat, blending mindset and practical tips to make it easier to develop a healthy, stress-free relationship with food at any body size.


Shelly Najjar, Nutrition Mindset Coach


Instagram: @confidentnutritiontravels 

Facebook page: Confident Nutrition with Shelly Najjar

Facebook group: Intuitive Eating for Busy Women


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