Sara Rose Whaley, Parent Coach of Joyful Toddler Parenting

Our guest today is not only a former client of my Half-Finished to Done, LIVE program, she’s also my big sister, Sara Rose Whaley.

In this conversation, we’ll discuss how an afternoon spent organizing her bedroom led to a massive aha moment about how she manages overwhelm, in both her home life and in her business. 

Once she realized there was a way to work through her overwhelm, sense of urgency, and anxiety, Sara begged me to let her join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE—and I finally let her 🙂 

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How overwhelm manifests in your body
  • Sara’s initial hesitations around joining Half-Finished to Done, LIVE 
  • How she far exceeded the financial goal she set for herself at the beginning of our 8 weeks together
  • Sara’s newfound understanding that she doesn’t need a lot of time in her business in order to create value 
  • How she learned to create clarity on demand using the 3-step AntiProcrastination Cycle
  • The ripple effects that Sara has seen in her home life, with her kids, and in her marriage since going through the program
  • Sara’s advice to anyone interested in joining Half-Finished to Done LIVE 

As a parent coach and board-certified behavior analyst with 15 years of experience, Sara Rose Whaley helps families increase their joy during the toddler stage. She addresses all the components that affect this including: marriage dynamics, mom guilt and burnout, and toddler behavior strategies. She is currently fully living the toddler stage with her 2 kids: ages 4 and 2.5. 


Sara Rose Whaley, Parent Coach and Behavior Analyst

Joyful Toddler Parenting website

Instagram: @JoyfulToddlerParenting

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