Jenny the Nutritionist on building her business in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE

If you’re a successful business owner who feels like you’re getting things done but you know things in your business could be a bit more organized, controlled and less complicated, then this episode is for you.

Our guest today is another two-time client of my Half-Finished to Done, LIVE program, Jenny Blake.

In this episode, Jenny shares how participating in the Monday One Hour 5-Day Challenge and being part of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE has streamlined her day-to-day experience in her business. Through our work together, she has shifted from feeling messy and disorganized to a more present, grounded business owner.

Listen in as we discuss: 

  • How the Monday Hour One 5-Day Challenge changed Jenny from feeling messy to feeling more reliable and organized in her day-to-day life.
  • How Jenny was using external things to try and solve her internal emotions
  • The power of learning about the “Do, dump, delegate, delay” principle
  • Implementing the concept of “just being” to create more open, unscheduled free time for yourself

Jenny is the CEO of Jenny the Nutritionist, is a Licensed Nutritionist who helps professional ladies who lift weights change their body composition by being well-fed and properly fueled. She’s helped hundreds of ladies build their shape, understand the Nutrition Strategy, and create a Nutrition Routine to serve them long-term in her program, Create Your Shape.


Jenny Blake, Nutrition Coach

Instagram: @jennythenutritionist

Podcast: Create Your Shape with Jenny the Nutritionist


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