The Half-Finished Project Vortex is a shitty place to be.

It’s the place where self-proclaimed procrastinators unintentionally hang out; dabbling in many different projects at once or frozen, working on nothing at all.

How do you get into the Half-Finished Project Vortex in the first place? You feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and confused, which creates half-finished projects—and then you judge and criticize yourself for being stuck.

In an unfortunate twist of events, this self-judgment makes you more—not less—stuck.

You now have guilt, shame, and embarrassment piled on to the overwhelm, confusion, and inadequacy.

Getting out of the vortex is totally possible, and I can help you do it.

First, it takes awareness of where you are right now:

✔️ You think being a half-finisher is just who you are, because of your past.

✔️ You want all of your projects done ASAP, which overwhelms you and backfires every time.

✔️ You’re in the “project plan rock and a hard place,” where you know that winging it doesn’t work, but making a project plan doesn’t sound enjoyable to you, either.

✔️ You’re at the whim of the “Motivation Fairy,” meaning you wait for external motivation and accountability to get you going, instead of intrinsically motivating yourself into action.

✔️ You haven’t mastered focus yet, so your attention is scattered and you get distracted easily.

In my 8-week program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, we solve all five:

✔️ You’ll rewrite the story of who you are—from self-proclaimed procrastinator to self-assured project finisher.

✔️ You’ll experience the true value of slowing down and choosing one project at a time to focus on at a time.

✔️ You’ll make a doable, compelling project plan that you actually want to work on.

✔️ You’ll continually acknowledge and work through unproductive feelings that would have stopped you in the past, like overwhelm, shame, inadequacy, and fear. You’ll also generate productive emotions, like motivation, commitment, determination, and inspiration, that get the project finished.

✔️ You’ll master focus on demand—how to focus for one hour, one week, and 8 weeks.

You don’t belong in the Half-Finished Project Vortex, so let’s get you out.

Once you’re out, you’ll experience the resilience, resourcefulness, and self-assurance that comes with being someone who repeatedly starts and finishes any project you want to do.

It’s all inside the next round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, the program for those who want to master a sustainable, fun, repeatable project process and start enjoying life as a project finisher. 

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