You’re in for the Deep Work Habit Club!

Get ready for 15 straight days of deep work. 

Your first order of business is to mark your calendar for May 30-June 13.

With the support of everything you’ll learn from the challenge, you’ll complete 15 daily deep work blocks during that time. 

In the meantime, click here to join the pop-up Facebook Group. The group will open on Sunday, May 29, the day before the challenge begins. 

And stay tuned for more information via email. All emails related to the challenge will contain the subject line: [Deep Work Habit Club].  

P.S. Do you know a business owner who might benefit from the Deep Work Habit Club, too? When you bring a friend along, you both get access to a bonus: The Productivity Power Zone e-course (normally $99 each). Just email with your name and the name and email address of the person you referred, and you’ll both get your free gift.